Bicycle Types

Road Bikes

There are many sub-variants of this type of bike, racing bikes, city bikes, Touring Bikes and some hybrid bikes.

Racing Bikes – Designed for road use only, these bikes have undergone extensive redevelopment over the years.  Recent developments are compact chain sets, carbon forks and electronic shifters.  When buying a racer, check on the frame and riding position, comfort is important.

City Bikes – A city bike takes some aspects of off-road bikes and blends them with bits suitable for the road. It has an upright riding position, narrower handlebars and lighter wheels and tyres.

Touring bikes – these are a sub-category of racing bikes, designed to be kitted out with front and rear panniers, mudguards and has more comfortable frame angles, and often a mountain bike set-up for the gears.  Great for travelling long distances and carrying heavy loads.

Hybrid Bikes – Like racers but with flat handlebars, with brake and gear levers to match.  They are seen as ideal commuters with an upright riding position, good for safety and comfort.


Mountain Bikes

Originally for plummeting down mountainsides, their versatility makes them suitable for city riders who need to bump up and down kerbs and ride through potholes.  Prices, styles and designs vary radically but always include some form of suspension, knobbly tyres and a longer range of gears.


Folding Bikes/Shoppers

This is another category that is doing well in the market, especially in terms of commuting.  They run small wheels and limited gear sets, ideal for the city, but not for distance riding.  Be careful when buying one of these bikes, make sure they are comfortable and are well made.


Trekking Bikes

Trekking bikes are popular in northern Europe but are also becoming better known across the continent.  They major on comfort and the ability to go anywhere.



There are many other types of bikes:

 BMX – Bikes originally designed for stunt work; their popularity has spread over the years, Short frames and small wheels

 Fashion Bikes – These bikes come in a massive range of styles and designs. Often custom built and impractical, but good to look at and fun to ride.

 Custom Bikes – Built to a clients exact specification, often fun, brightly coloured and impractical

 Adapted bikes – these are bikes and trikes that have been adapted to ameliorate the effects of some disabilities


Outside of these adult bikes, each variant will be made in smaller versions for children and teens.