Plans to turn Cannock’s abandoned railway routes into cycle routes


There are a lot of disused railway lines in Cannock. Most of them were abandoned when the coal board didn’t need them anymore, others were laid during World War One.

There currently aren’t a lot of cycle routes tailored towards the more casual cyclist or disabled cyclists to the North West of Cannock. Proposed new routes, from Stafford to Hednesford and from Milford to Marquis drive via the German Cemetery, look to fill this gap in Cannock’s cycle market. They cover the right area, and neither has any steep inclines- meaning they are potentially accessible for all.

Russ Taylor, one of our trustees, told the Cannock Murcury that:

“The general  bed is still there as is the solid base [from the railway routes]. Another thing in our favour is that any inclines are only 1/100 which means that they would offer easy access for all abilities.

“What we would hope for is a tarmac surface that would be sustainable for the next 20-25 years. This would be in order to try and stop them deteriorating so quickly.”


If this has inspired you to take up cycling and you need equipment, call Cycle-R on 01543 523606 or pop in store at 16-17 New hall, High Green Court, Cannock, WS11 1GR 

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